Hi there, I'm Diana

I am a full-time Marketing Director and part-time entrepreneur consulting multi-national brands and local organizations in both the B2B and B2C space.

Over the years I've launched brands, developed strategic marketing plans, provided financial needs analysis in preparation for a round of Venture Capital funding, and created both outbound lead gen systems and inbound demand gen programs.

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We've never done anything, learned anything without the help and support of someone showing us the way.

I believe that it's important to constantly connect and support others. That's the reason I started a Facebook Group for Women in Business.

Networking is an integral part of having a business and growing your career. At the beginning we all feel a little out of place. But you soon learn that even the small meetings count – in fact, sometimes those give you the strongest connections.

When I was with Moyer Indoor | Outdoor I began planning their events, eventually growing their chamber mixers to the largest event of the year incorporating 7 local chamber organizations.

My advice: Plan to attend events that are worth your time. Use the time you’re there to connect with others and follow-up to connect personally after.

Relationships are key. Be kind & helpful – overtime it will pay off.


I hated reading at a child. At this point in my life I can admit to spending too much time with CliffsNotes.

Now one of my favorite past-times is to listen to audio books; I listen while I’m driving, getting ready, and doing the dishes.

It's amazing what you can learn from others without ever having to meet them. Even fictional books teach you about communication, relationships, and how to write.

Technology is changing our world – many times for the better.

In fact, this is why I chose to work for Rapid Learning Institute. They are a pioneer in modern learning – "bite-size content for today's short-attention-span-workforce."

And in my work I've found a love for webinars – a beautiful way to engage your audience and a great resource for learners.

My advice: invest in your future through knowledge – both your time and your money.


You can learn just about any skill in life. But without passion for what you do you'll never learn a thing.

So often I ask myself: Do you know why you get up every morning? Or are you just going through the motions?

Sure somedays are just... blah. But more often then not I need to feel challenged and inspired.

I find that my drive comes from setting goals and making a plan that shows me the path to achieving it.

My advice: Make a list of things you’d like to try and see which one makes you feel more alive. And then get up every day looking to duplicate that natural high.

“New experiences and new friends make for an interesting and beautiful life.”


Life Lessons

I grew up in a small town in rural Pennsylvania. And when I say small town, think no stop lights for over 10 miles and a bull chasing my Mom's red car up the street (no joke).

My Mom was a banker who started her own training business once my sister was born. And my Dad was a pastor which he felt was his calling after he recovered from Guillain-Barre syndrome that left him paralyzed for months.

Because our house ran like two businesses in one, we always answered the phone “Bernecker residence” (my maiden name). And I saw hard work from every side.

But even though they both worked all day, and even late into the night, they were always there to coach our soccer team or run our Girl Scout meetings.

They taught us more than just business. Our parents taught us how to go after our dreams.

Years later when I was in college, my Mom insisted I study abroad. I wasn’t so convinced. I remember landing in Paris and crying in the taxi. I’d count to ten and then stop; then the cycle started again.

But then I excelled. In total, I lived in three countries with 17 different roommates over the span of six months. It was a whirlwind, to say the least. I loved the adventure so much that after I had graduated I moved back to the UK to work.

These experiences taught me how important people, acquaintances, new friends, and opportunities are in shaping the people we are meant to be.

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Together we are stronger.

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