• Brian Brereton Brian Brereton President, That Business Trainer
    During my time as a sales consultant for nawmal, I recommended hiring Diana to create a marketing plan needed for a round of VC funding. I’ve never seen a marketing strategy and financial needs analysis as detailed and well thought out as the one Diana provided. The clear messaging and branding in the plan sold us on hiring her to execute landing pages and email promotions. Her work led to an 80% increase in webinar leads as well as increased traffic at nawmal’s expo booth.
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  • Mike Geneles Mike Geneles Co-Founder, Pitchbox
    I see few marketing experts with Diana’s ability to both think at a strategic level and create eye-catching marketing. I turn to her every time we adopt a new marketing channel or need something that will get us noticed. The case study series she’s designed for us plays a significant role in our sales process. Almost every company we speak to expects to see how similar brands use Pitchbox and proof that they’ve seen success.
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  • Susan Dale Susan Dale Foodie Committee Chair & Owner of the Spinnerstown Hotel & Taproom
    Diana has continually brought new and exciting ideas to the Foodie. Every year she's worked to update the marketing, improve the attendee experience, and increase revenue. There is no question that without her the event would not be as successful as it is today.
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Kimberly Bentz
Director of Sales & Marketing at Pacesetter Enterprises, Inc.

"In every conversation I have with Diana, I get smarter. I am blown away by the marketing and business sense that she has.

Over the past few months, she has helped me regain focus on several of the businesses that I run, and has been an invaluable resource as I look to grow and expand my customer base.

Her ability to identify key areas of your business that have gaps AND her ability to help you quickly implement strategies to overcome these challenges, is something not many business and marketing coaches possess."

Maleeva Epperson
Makeup Artist & Entrepreneur
at Makeup by Maleeva

"Diana’s intuition for business and marketing is seriously off the charts! I was immediately impressed by how well-read and inspiring she is.

One of the greatest aspects she delivered on for me was mindset! Diana was able to pinpoint pieces of my business that were "leaking", but also help me narrow my focus and identify my audience.

Most importantly, we were able to clarify and articulate what I'm passionate about, so that I can unlock my limiting beliefs on what my time and talent is worth."

If you’re interested in learning how we can work together, send me a message for a free 30-minute consultation.

Paul Nye
Vice President of Mission Support at Peaceful Living

"Diana is a talented, creative, generous and compassionate person. She knows marketing and public relations skills and is able to customize their use to fit any situation perfectly. She has insight into the market place and knows how to ask the right questions in order to hit her target audience."

Susan Fisher
Vice President & Senior Relationship Strategist at PNC

"Diana connects people to each other and channels the energy to achieve a goal that benefits all involved. Every organization should have such a skilled individual!"

Geoff Slick
Owner, Slick Stuff, LLC

"Diana is one of the most dynamic, resourceful and forward thinking marketers I have had the pleasure with whom to work. She is a true dynamo: a thorough, detailed marketer; personable business woman; and master networker."


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