Lead Phone Line for Moyer Indoor | Outdoor Increases Income from Cross-Selling

About the company

Moyer Indoor | Outdoor was founded in 1869 in Souderton, Pennsylvania. It serves Southeastern Pennsylvania and parts of New Jersey.

Moyer’s home and business services include:

Heating & Air Conditioning
Water Quality
Heating Fuels
Pest Control

Lawn Care
Tree & Shrub Care
Pool & Spa Care


Diana Asbury worked at Moyer Indoor | Outdoor from 2009 to 2012.

During that time she ran the marketing programs for all of their home services categories, their feed store and pool & spa store.

For years Moyer knew that they were missing cross sell opportunities. Far too many were only customers of one or two services.

One of the biggest issues they were seeing was that service technicians were told about an issue that was covered by another service line, but the message didn’t always get back to the correct team. Opportunities were being lost too frequently.


Moyer Indoor | Outdoor needed to find a way to communicate customer inquires from the field. The challenge was that the services technicians didn’t all have updated phones or computers. And they didn’t have a lot of time in between their appointments.


The phone system had just been updated to VOIP and it allowed them to check, track, and save voicemails using a computer dashboard.

Using unique phone numbers for each service line, the Moyer Lead Line was created allowing service technicians to quickly call and leave a message with customer information and lead details.

Moyer incentivized their service team which encouraged them to ask questions when they were on a call. There is no doubt that this helped to increase customer relationships in the process.

Each of Moyer's service trucks were outfitted with a magnet that said, “Ask me about (another service). The photo here shows a pest control vehicle with a magnet that reads, "Ask me about Lawn Care!"


The service team wore similar pins on their uniforms. This also helped to generate conversations and increase cross-sell opportunities.
During the first quarter of 2012 when the program was launched, it generated ~$300,000 in new sales. Although Diana left the company shortly after, a similar program exists today.


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