Marketing Strategy for Nawmal Increases Webinar Leads by 80%

About the client

nawmalMAKE is a video-making technology created so that learning professionals, marketers, and video makers of all kinds would be able to create high-quality animation without high-level coding skills.


Diana Asbury was hired in 2017 by nawmal to create a marketing plan and financial needs analysis. A plan they could use to present to Venture Capital firms.

After receiving the plan they re-hired Diana to execute website and landing page designs and a lead generation program including email marketing and webinar marketing.


  • Marketing Strategy
  • Financial Needs Analysis
  • Website & landing page design
  • Email marketing
  • Webinar marketing

“During my time as a sales consultant for nawmal, I recommended hiring Diana to create a marketing plan needed for a round of VC funding.

I’ve never seen a marketing strategy and financial needs analysis as detailed and well thought out as the one Diana provided.

The clear messaging and branding in the plan sold us on hiring her to execute landing pages and email promotions. Her work led to an 80% increase in webinar leads as well as increased traffic at nawmal’s expo booth.”

Brian Brereton
President, That Business Trainer


A marketing plan & financial needs analysis laid out a clear path for nawmal and gave them everything they needed to present for a round of Venture Capital funding.
Branding Guidelines expanded their color palette, clarified their brand voice and persona.
A “launch-series” of emails helped to increase webinar leads by 80%.
Updated branding was transferred to landing pages, web copy, and emails.


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