Case Studies for Pitchbox Showcase Their Clients Around the World 

About the client

Pitchbox is a link building, influencer outreach, and content marketing platform for agencies, publishers, and brands.


Pitchbox's co-founder, Michael Geneles has worked with Diana Asbury for the past six years.

In 2016 Diana was asked to create a series of case studies that would showcase their clients and assist them in their sales process.


  • Showcase Pitchbox as a multi-national brand
  • Highlight specific industries Pitchbox serves
  • Create a clean and modern template that could be used throughout the series

“I see few marketing experts with Diana’s ability to both think at a strategic level and create eye-catching marketing. I turn to her every time we adopt a new marketing channel or need something that will get us noticed.

The case study series she’s designed for us plays a significant role in our sales process. Almost every company we speak to expects to see how similar brands use Pitchbox and proof that they’ve seen success.”

Mike Geneles
Co-Founder of Pitchbox


A series of case studies have been created featuring brands such as HomeAway, Hubshout, Move Digital and more.


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