New SEO Strategy for Rapid Learning Institute
Drives Increase in Organic Traffic

About the company

RLI is a market leader in micro-training. Creating bite-size, single-concept learning to today’s short-attention-span workforce.


Diana Asbury is the Marketing Director for the Rapid Learning Institute and has been with the company since 2012.

RLI’s editorial team has produced hundreds of blog posts on their website. Some performed well, but there was a clear opportunity to boost their position on Google.


  • Utilize Rapid Learning Institute’s best performing content to drive an increase in organic traffic
  • Get blog posts featured in Google’s featured snippets


Working with RLI’s editorial team and RLI’s outside website marketing firm, Dinkum Interactive, the marketing team sought out older blog posts that were seeing significant traffic.

They then expanded the copy, restructured the format, and added updated graphics.

The blog post, “Ten Commandments of effective selling” is now a featured snippet on Google and has seen a 443% increase in unique page views.
The blog post, “What to Say When an Employee Leaves” generated 241% increase in unique page views.


The blog post, “Top 10 Employee Rewards & Motivators” saw a 98.5% increase in unique page views.


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