New Webinar Email Series for Rapid Learning Institute Generates 720% Increase in Leads

About the company

RLI is a market leader in micro-training. Creating bite-size, single-concept learning to today’s short-attention-span workforce.


Diana Asbury is the Marketing Director for the Rapid Learning Institute and has been with the company since 2012.

In 2014 Diana revamped the webinar marketing program. Before the program was enhanced each of Rapid Learning Institute’s webinars brought in around 100 leads per event to the sales team. Most of their sales leads were brought in through telemarketing.


  • Increase qualified leads
  • Drive sales conversions by educating prospects
  • Assist in the shift from telemarketing to inside business development team


A launch email series was introduced – a series of six emails that made each webinar a showcase event.
The RLI team continues to test webinar emails, bringing in an average of 820 leads per event, a 720% increase.
Since Rapid Learning Institute's webinar program was relaunched it's converted 2.93X more leads to sales compared to all other content marketing asset types combined.
New webinar topics are created and launched frequently to keep the audience engaged.


Since 2014, 29 webinars have been produced by Diana and the RLI team.


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