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What we're about

In this group, you will experience strength in a community of grown-up, thoughtful, and supportive women who build each other up.

Whatever your dreams, whatever your passion, this is your time to build your future. It’s time for you to take charge, to be unabashedly you, and to make your mark in the world.

Together we are stronger.

Going at it all alone is lonely. We don’t grow when we’re by ourselves.

In this group, we’ll share opportunities, stories, and experiences that make our lives more vibrant.

At least once a month we’ll have a featured challenge. You are free to participate or to just tune in.

If you’d like to run a challenge, click here to email your challenge idea to us for review.

The Rules

Be kind - think before you speak (or type)

We have zero tolerance policy for mean girls. ZERO! We are grown-ups. We are here for a common purpose. To grow stronger. You will be removed without warning if you threaten or bully others in any way.

Do not post advertisements

Unless it’s part of a group post that specifically is asking for help. do not solicit business. You will see some opportunities presented by the owner of this group. But as a rule, unless you are asked for specific help, you may not advertise services of any kind.

Do not go live to promote your business

Unless you are going live for a challenge, you may not go live in the group. Multiple live videos become overwhelming for others. If you have questions or advice just write and share them.

Have fun & share

You are in the group to participate. Enjoy, give advice and ask for help. Use hashtags to tell others what kind of post you’re sharing. #share #give #advice #success

We are women building our future.
This is our battle cry.

Share your stories, sucesses, questions & more with #hearusroar.

In our world, nothing is impossible. When we feel fear, we know that’s our body telling us this venture is worthwhile. We are #powerfulwomen and you can #hearusroar every day of the week.

Tag your posts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and more with #hearusroar and #powerfulwomen and become part of the movement.

This is our life; this is our chance. We will not sit, we will not be silent, you will know we are here to achieve greatness.