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Hi there, I'm Diana

I am a full-time Marketing Director and part-time entrepreneur consulting multi-national brands and local organizations in both the B2B and B2C space.

Over the years I've launched brands, developed strategic marketing plans, provided financial needs analysis in preparation for a round of Venture Capital funding, and created both outbound lead gen systems and inbound demand gen programs.

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My Philosophy

You are a consumer and every day you vote with your money. You align yourself with brands, trust in them, remain loyal to the ones you count on and share your disappointment about the ones who let you down.

Although brands aren’t human – we treat them that way.

We expect them to listen to us. We look to them for advice. We want to be their friend.

And we expect them to hire people who align with their identity.

So when it’s your job is to market and sell, your job expands beyond a targeted campaign.

Mapping out the identity of your brand, and injecting it into everything that you do is not just a must, it’s what today’s consumers expect.

Humanizing your brand by aligning it with personality traits your target customers relate to develops trust and loyalty. The question is, how do you create experiences that align with those traits?

I can help.

Your Reality

You should be excited to promote your company. But the reality is that it is terrifying.

We have more options than ever before, and more to do than ever before. Is there times when you feel paralyzed when it comes to marketing? Sure you do... and you’re not alone.

Let’s talk about why you’re here and what I can do to help.

You and your team do not have time to communicate back and forth with every prospect and customer. Not to mention manage the nine different social media platforms you’ve been told to join. It’s not gonna happen.

​There’s a lot of gurus out there telling you everything you should do and that’s where the overwhelm starts. Let me be the first to tell you that you don’t have to do everything. And that if you are trying to then STOP NOW!

Break that cycle and focus on activities that make a difference.

​When you DEFINE YOUR BRAND and know who YOUR CUSTOMERS are, you can speak authentically and engage the right audience.

If you’re interested in learning how we can work together, send me a message for a free 30-minute consultation.

Words of Praise

Mike Geneles
Co-Founder, Pitchbox

"I see few marketing experts with Diana’s ability to both think at a strategic level and create eye-catching marketing. I turn to her every time we adopt a new marketing channel or need something that will get us noticed. The case study series she’s designed for us plays a significant role in our sales process. Almost every company we speak to expects to see how similar brands use Pitchbox and proof that they’ve seen success."

Kimberly Bentz
Director of Sales & Marketing, Pacesetter Enterprises, Inc.

"In every conversation I have with Diana, I get smarter. I am blown away by the marketing and business sense that she has.

Over the past few months, she has helped me regain focus on several of the businesses that I run, and has been an invaluable resource as I look to grow and expand my customer base.

Her ability to identify key areas of your business that have gaps AND her ability to help you quickly implement strategies to overcome these challenges, is something not many business and marketing coaches possess."


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