What to do when FEAR is holding you back

Do you sometimes feel like life is just too overwhelming?

Maybe you’re struggling with money. Or a relationship. Or a client. Or a life-changing decision.

It feels like you just don’t know where to turn to get the answers you need.

You feel a little like the walls are coming in around you – maybe you feel paralyzed in the moment.

That’s a little thing called FEAR. It’s our fear of not knowing the outcome.

Our brain is prediction engine. It wants to save us – protect us.

Hey, thanks brain! BUT you’re making me nuts!

So when this happens to you, ask yourself these two questions:

1.) If the worst happens, what would that mean for me?
2.) Now that I know the what the worst outcome is, how would I fix it?

Once we know the worst, once we see how resilient we are, we become stronger than the fear that’s holding us back.

Stop letting fear hold you back. Own it. Own your actions. Own your future.


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